New Skin - Compete Regime


Get your skin in to optimium contion with this complete skin care regime, all products are full size! 



  • Face Wash Cloth 
  • Waffle Hair Band
  • ANI Hydrating Facial Toner 100ml - Daily 
  • Rose and Geranium Moistriser 60ml - Daily 
  • ANI Lip Balm - Daily 
  • Clay Sea Kelp Face Mask Set, with ceramic bowl and bamboo mixing spoon.  1-2 Weekly
  • ANI Gift Box complete with tissue paper, ribbon,  rose petals, placed gentle in wood wool.


We never use: parabens, lanolin, beeswax, synthetic perfumes, palm oil or micro beads.

All our products are naturally plant derived as well as being vegan and vegetarian friendly.

New Skin - Complete Regime

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