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Rose - Great for delicate skin, deep cleansing whilst calmingbut still giving you that fresh glowing skin.

Description –A combination of enhanced and superfine British white
clay, French pink clay and Australian reef red clay, blended with
pure rose petal powder. This water activated mask is a super boost
for your skin, leaving it feeling super clean and super smooth
allowing that fresh soft faced glow to shine - perfect for the drier
more mature skin, giving you a little lift!

The Clay Set comes with a jar of your chosen clay mask, a
ceramic mixing dish and a bamboo spoon. 


How to use - give your face and neck a cleanse with ANI Facial
Cleanser, this will prepare your skin and allow best results from the
clay mask treatment, carefully take a spoon full of clay mask powder
into your bowl add a couple of teaspoons of water, one at a time
and gently mix to a smooth paste (you could also replace water for
Hydrating Facial Toner for extra treat). Carefully spread the mix
across your face and neck, not too close to your eye area, I like to
use the back of the spoon but using fingers is fine, simple leave for
10 minutes then rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry,

follow with a good few sprays of ANI Toner and ANI Daily

Clay Face Mask Set - Rose